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Online Pre-Check Now Available

Ever thought it might be nice to be able to check into the doctor’s office just like you do at the airport? Well we thought that too and decided to do something about it. So, eight years ago we implemented a software program called Phreesia. This program allows our patients to check in on a computer tablet (pad) in the office and even swipe their credit card on the pad to pay.  This allows you to make sure we have the most current demographic information on the parent and child.  It also allows us to ask age and diagnosis related questions which will help us in assessing your child’s health and development.

About five years ago, we reassessed the check in process in our office and asked Phreesia, why can’t the parent check in their child from home?  We asked and we asked and we asked until finally it became a reality. We and Phreesia now offer our patients the opportunity to check in from home on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


If the appointment is pre-booked, meaning not made the same day, you will received an e-mail from us and Phreesia giving you a link from which you will be able to pre-check in for the visit. It will also allow you to pay any outstanding balance or deposit due for deductible plans. So when you come into the office, you will pretty much done with checking in and ready to be pulled into the back office for the appointment.  

Pre-check is a true time saver as it can be done at you convenience, especially if you are bringing in more than one child.


We value our patients and their time. So our goal with pre-check is to reduce wait times in the office. The more patients who use it, we hope will reduce your wait time.



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