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"Men B" Vaccine

If you have a child over age 16, there is a new vaccine in town. Although it is not really a new vaccine, it is new to the US. 

It is referred to as Men B. This is a separate meningitis vaccine from the other meningococcal conjugate recommended by us for many years now. Both meningococcal vaccines will prevent the patient from getting several different strains of meningitis. 

The Men B strain recently raised it's ugly head with outbreaks in UC Santa Clara and UC Santa Barbara recently. Meningitis is a very serious disease which can result in the loss of limbs and has a fatality rate of about 10.

We are recommending the vaccine to all over age 16 to 25. 

Many of you have already received the meningococcal conjugate vaccine which is great. Now is the time for Men B. It is a two dose vaccine to be given a month apart and is covered by most insurance. 

Go on-line to or call today to schedule an appointment: (209) 478-2622 press option #1.



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